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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Super Junior M @ Putrajaya!!!

Assalamualaikum readers...
waaaaaaaa~ (jerit dulu k,)
aku tak tau nak cakap apa....
you know what????
before this aku hanya tengok SuJu kat TV and Video dorang je...
at Last aku dapat tangok depan mata....
waaaaaa....hensem nye korang....kawen ngan aku nak??? bhaha
ni lah antara photo yang sempat di ambil...total...ada laa dalam 80 cam tu...
hamekk nii!!!

oiii!! peluk aku laa..bukan dia...huwaaaa ='(

aku rase ni je la kowt aku dapat upload...
so pada sesape nak tengok gambar n video dorang ni....
korang pergi FB aku okey...


-we love Super Junior- <3

Friday, 27 May 2011

Hari Belia at PUTRAJAYA =)

Assalamualaikum readers...
once again I came here to wrote something for u...
just now, me with my sis n my lovely niece, Daania
went to Hari Belia at Putrajaya...

I am a Belia =)

first, take a ride with mini bus,
thirsty...drink first.. =)

still waiting to get the booth.. =)

It was awesome...
have many booth to visit...
n what I am proud...booth for Uitm also there,
look up there...UiTM right =)

also have key chain..I've got one  =)

a singer from UiTM Shah Alam =)

after UiTM booth..we went to another booth...

do you know your birth day in the Hijri year.
I already knew...

there is the stage..but where the performer???

I've found the car used in Kongsi movies..
there is a police car..
mitsubishi. (in the dark).. =)

where the driver?? I'm waitin'

can I ride this??? hmmm... =)

then move to firefighter booth,

my lovely sis with the firefighter uniform =)

next we move to soldier booth,
can I be the members???

yes..they accept me to have a ride... =)

then, there was me..lets war!!!

the helmets so heavy..adess =p

can I brought this home..please... =(

and this too...hmmm 

and what the...????

the mobile toilets... =)

the mobile washing machine..
no wonder our army still fragrant.. =)

I am your army..believe me =)

take a rest first..owh..damn cool... =)


what they do over there???

there you come to me... =)

what??? you would die for me??? hehe
then protect me k, =)

which one should I choose???

I think this one better..right???


lets take a look... =)

am I an asronaut???
someday.. =)

also have.. =)

nice to hear from u guys.. =)

good bye..

we will come tomorrow... =)